“The work has relieved me of my lifelong battle with depression. It was regularly severe and debilitating, robbing me of the joy of life. Now I am using it to tame my overwhelming anxiety and find inner peace and balance, and live in love, harmony and abundance.” —Greg

“I’ve worked with Rebecca for 10 years and she is by far, one of the very best energy healers I know. She helped me comfortably move through an intensive grieving process after my wife passed away and has been a constant service of support and advice. I definitely recommend Rebecca if you are looking for a wonderful and caring energy healer.” —Chris

“I found Rebecca’s work invaluable in mitigating side effects of radiation therapy. Fatigue was substantially reduced. Even the medical professionals remarked on how healthy the skin looked upon completion of treatment. I would definitely recommend Rebecca’s work as supportive therapy to accompany a traditional medical therapy. I would like to see Rebecca’s work offered within the mind/body program of a major teaching hospital.” —Helen.

“What I found working with Rebecca was a consistent expansion to what felt like a bigger energetic field that I was contained in. And that would unfold over the following days after the session. Although I can't exactly put into words what was happening, I had the feeling of being clearer on several levels as a result. And a more balanced state would ensue. Thank you Rebecca for your help!” —Ken

“Thank you for introducing me to your work and for your assistance in my opening to accurate medical intuitive information. I am practicing your suggestions, the most challenging of which is the boundary one. Thanks again. In Oneness with love.” —Katherine

“Much thanks and gratitude for your skills. And for your unconditional love for those on a similar path as yourself. What excitement I feel, to know Kathy just a bit more intimately. May each sun find you safe. In Love & Light.” —Kathy

“I truly believe that there is, within each of us, a gift —a Divine calling. Rebecca, you have found yours. You use your incredible wisdom to help others in ways few could —and you do this with great caring, warmth and love. For that I am extremely grateful.” —Chris

“Thanks for all your help. I feel more changing working with you than I have with all the other work combined.” —Marsha

“Although I have few expectations about how this all unfolds, I am constantly amazed by what occurs. It was only a day or two when the ‘limiting beliefs and judgments’ of my parents popped up before my very eyes. I marvel at how you do this to help me.” —Jennifer

“I have to confirm the story of how you generated life into my optic nerve. On May 30, 1966 I crashed my motorcycle... I’ve had optic atrophy of my right eye since. All medical records since then show the nerve is dead, no color. The nerve was knocked out of place. There was some light perception. I developed a cataract in my “bad” eye about five years ago. As the cataract grew, my light perception shrank. My fatigue problem increased (narcolepsy). I’ve been battling with medical people to perform surgery for a few years. The doctor explained to me that the eye is blind and surgery is a waste of time.
      I started being helped by you during the fall of ‘98. I asked you to help me with my narcolepsy problem... I was totally dependent on prescribed amphetamines. After three sessions with you I stopped taking that drug. The day of the fourth session... I didn’t tell you that I hurt my right wrist that day. The pain was intense and constant. At some point I felt a vibration penetrating my right arm, right up through my shoulder. It was like an icebreaker, my physical pain was gone. That night when I arrived home I looked at a light bulb with my “bad” eye and saw a faint light like a pinhole... February 1, 1999 I had surgery performed by a reluctant surgeon... I made an appointment with the doctor for 7:30 AM the following morning... I could see part of the chart with my “blind eye” and I seem to have regained some depth perception. I had another appointment February 4. I asked the doctor to look at the optic nerve. He looked and told me it was pale in color, not distorted and clear as my records show. You did this Rebecca. As of February 23, 1999 I can see two letters on the chart and the right eye vision is rated at 80/20. Rebecca, you helped my narcolepsy... and the eye thing is totally remarkable. Rebecca, you are an incredible person, please be happy and successful. Gratefully in your debt.” —Jack

“I don’t know what made me come to this women’s circle because it’s not the kind of thing I do. But, anyway, the bottom line to this note is thank you! I really look forward to the group each time we meet!” —Sabrina

“Thank you so much for representing the youth in our community in honoring our elders. It was such a sacred ceremony. We are so blessed to have you in our community. Again, many thanks.” —Carole

“Thank you for a delightful six months of tai chi. Although I still couldn’t ‘solo’ I feel I learned a great deal from you. Every so often a part of my body wants to move in one of the forms you taught us. I hope I won’t forget between now and the next classes.” —Eleann

“...Tai chi is really is a combination of the physical and the internal. I have noticed not only less stress in my life, but better coping techniques. During my 65-mile-a-day commute to work, my ‘road rage’ has gradually downgraded to ‘street stress’ and finally to “highway harrumphs.’ Another thing I just recently realized is that I’ve also experienced less sickness. As a Type 1 diabetic, I tend to catch colds, etc., very easily. But since beginning tai chi, I have not been sick at all this year. An added bonus for sure! As for Rebecca, she is encouraging, supportive and patient in her teaching methods.” —Terry

“During the Rebalancing Clinic I... ‘felt light and clear,’ ‘felt my sciatica being worked on,’ ‘saw clearly for the first time a negative relationship pattern,’ ‘felt tremendous sadness about it,’ and ‘knew with certainty that I wanted to make a clean break from it...‘ ‘a very wonderful experience.’ The feelings, sensations, intuitions, and impressions within me that in the past I suppressed and ignored receive validation, healing, balancing through my work with Rebecca. My dispersed and fragmented parts are integrating within the whole. It is sometimes deeply peaceful and satisfying, sometimes extremely challenging; always, though, it feels like I am engaging in an authentic process of inestimable value to me. This has included healing—physical, emotional, energetic—as well as creating changes that benefit me and my family.” —Anonymous

“My Rebalancing Clinic results: After the first, the recommendation to repair a not-yet-healed nerve at vertabra C-7. Accomplished. Subsequently, again in 2007, I requested a clinic to strengthen and fortify my Free Will. This effort, though subtle, continues at a successful pace. An unstated and fully unexpected concomitant result is that my requirement for or of VIOXX/CIALIS medication spontaneously evaporated.” —Peter

“As a regular, long-term client of the Rebalancing Clinics and Private Treatments, I feel immersed in a flow of powerfully supportive energy. I have experienced physical, emotional, and ‘inner’ healing, tangible positive shifts in my life and relationships, creative intentions coming to fruition, and a sense of well-being and grounding I could hardly have imagined. When challenges arise I find them easier to handle; they now feel part of a beneficial process rather than something I’m stuck in. I am deeply grateful for this work.” —Anonymous

“I have been involved in such an intense process of change... I feel more of a will to move the energy into manifestation and the presence of attachment and control has lessened dramatically. I feel more aligned universally; I feel the energy of the seasons and my organs and the play of yin and yang more intimately as if it were all ok because I am no different from the flow of the principle upon which it all arises. I watch heavy and apparently hard days pass with a deep, unwavering happiness growing stronger in the face of mortality, suffering and all of the dense conditions of embodiment. It is a sense of esoteric principle of indifference but not unlove... It’s Self that is happening and I am so in love with that principle of awakening and its graceful play in my life. Thank you for your help.” —Sara