Sessions are available for clients seeking positive change in themselves, their relationships, business or home. Whether dealing with a problem or simply seeking an increasingly balanced life, energy therapy can be very beneficial. Rebecca successfully treats clients in person and/or by phone.

Individual Sessions

Clients come to Rebecca for her ability to help them with areas in their lives that are in need of change, development or expansion. Focus may be placed on healing a personal illness or life imbalance, developing an aspect of self expression, or managing a complete life that includes personal interests, family and career. The use of a powerful energetic framework shifts, clears and aligns the necessary energies that will support positive change.

Physical Illness: The human body’s energy field can be an effective source for treating disease and illness. Cancers, heart disease, HIV, Lyme disease, blindness from injury — these are some of the more serious conditions that can be successfully treated with energy therapy. It can also aid in surgery recovery, medication side effects, headaches or digestive issues. If medical treatment has proven ineffective, or if the patient prefers a less invasive treatment, energy therapy can be the answer. See a comprehensive list of imbalances Rebecca has treated with energy therapy.

Traumatic Events: Divorce, the death of a loved one, and the loss of a job are just three common situations that compel individuals to seek Rebecca’s professional help and support. Dealing with childhood physical or emotional abuse or an assault such as rape can have an ongoing negative impact in an individuals’ life until the trauma is healed. Energy therapy addresses the wounding while empowering the individual in their life as a whole. See a comprehensive list of imbalances Rebecca has treated with energy therapy.

Mental Illness: In many cases of emotional and psychological distress, the client has tried to cope with the issue for years. Energy therapy, which draws on an individual’s own resources to manage and shift present symptoms while resolving underlying causes, has succeeded where conventional therapies have failed. Energy therapy has proven to be effective support with challenges such as addiction, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and schizophrenia. See a comprehensive list of imbalances Rebecca has treated with energy therapy.

Greater Life Fulfillment/Happiness: Not all of Rebecca’s clients are in an acute physical or emotional state. Many simply feel a lack of fulfillment or meaning, living a busy but directionless life. Energy therapy can reconnect individuals with personal goals and purposes. Others define themselves as happy but want to fine-tune their life, explore new areas of interest or exact even greater satisfaction out of every day by learning how to live in the moment. See a comprehensive list of creative pursuits Rebecca has supported with energy therapy.

Couples Work

Energy therapy helps couples realize the full potential of their relationships by deepening their connection to each other. During these sessions, intimacy, playful exploration and growth are opened and encouraged. Couples often call Rebecca because they find themselves in one of a number of common situations.

Troubled Relationship: Energy attunements are a constructive, non-confrontational way to help couples who are experiencing relationship issues become more sensitized to each other’s needs, values and perspectives. Rebecca’s sessions help clear distracting and destructive problems so that the couple can find common ground, rediscover the original emotions felt for each other and deepen intimacy.

Preparing for Marriage: Today’s couples become so wrapped up in the wedding that they don’t focus on what’s really important: their marriage. Pre-nuptial energy therapy helps the bride and groom develop a deeper understanding of each other’s wishes and expectations before saying their vows. It launches a couple on the path to a successful marriage and co-creative life together.

Marital Strain Due to Careers & Family: Married couples often find themselves “growing apart,” divided by careers, children, elder care and other responsibilities that prevent them from focusing on their own relationship. Energy therapy can help resolve these issues, realign the “timing” of the couple’s lives so that they feel more synchronized, and help regain the mutual love and enjoyment they once shared.

Long-term Relationship Support: Many relationships remain or become superficial and routinely focused on daily life. Energy therapy can prevent potential issues from becoming problems by keeping both partners attuned to each other’s needs and concerns. Couples also work with Rebecca to deepen intimacy, ignite the spark of sexuality, and explore the full potential of unity between two people.

Family Sessions

Family life can be challenging in our highly demanding and complex world. Daily pressures place enormous strain on parents and children alike and may cause conflict within the family unit. Energy therapy is a powerful experience that can bring order and calm to families in a state of discord or deepen the love for those that simply want to create a happier, more balanced home life.

Divorce: Energy therapy can help all family members through the divorce by giving each the ability to deal with the loss of the family unit while maintaining a personal sense of security and self-esteem. Children often exhibit difficult behaviors, making parenting particularly challenging at this time. Family sessions can support the development of cooperative relationships and facilitate successful co-parenting from two households.

Blended Families: Energy therapy supports every member of a blended family with the complex needs of renegotiating family rules and schedules. By dealing honestly with feelings of resentment, guilt or competition the new and changing family relationships can thrive. Rebecca helps direct individual and relationship energy to resolve discord and develop a family life anchored in mutual respect.

Disruptive Behavior: A child exhibiting behavioral issues in the form of tantrums, acting out, or disrupting the classroom can overwhelm family life. Energy therapy can align the family unit to meet the child’s needs and provide relief from their distress. With family support, the causes of these behaviors can be resolved and children can learn healthy ways to express themselves.

New Baby: As welcome as a baby is, a newborn can cause familial issues. For example, the father or siblings may feel ignored or “less loved” by the mother who turns all of her attention to the baby. The mother may not have enough support to deal with the constant demands of a newborn. Family sessions before and after the baby’s arrival can smooth the changes that come with a newborn, so the addition to the family can be welcomed and enjoyed.

Business Success

Energy therapy is a powerful tool that can help businesses and the people who are a part of the organization realize their full potential within the current economic environment. Businesses, like people, go through different stages of development and experience common challenges and situations. These sessions, utilizing business energetics, focus on clearing and expanding the energies around key business issues to support optimal success.

Professional Self-realization: Energy therapy helps clients recognize their true professional calling and pursue it. If an individual is on the right career path it will open and expand; if not, a career change will be supported. Clients achieve a level of self-awareness about the natural abilities and skills they bring to the workplace. They also learn to identify their weaknesses and how to compensate for them without compromising workflow. With understanding and placement in the right environment individuals are able to achieve their professional potential.

Entrepreneurial Startup Starting a business requires an investment of time, energy and money. A business operates based on an exchange of money for services or products; this is essentially an exchange of energy that can be encouraged with energy therapy. By launching a new venture with the backing of business energetics it will position the business optimally in the current market to promote success and support the establishment of growth.

Sole Proprietorship to Large Multinationals: All businesses, from a sole proprietorship to large multinationals, are energetic entities. A business entity, just like an individual, can be in balance and actualizing potential or be out of balance and have limited success. Business energetics direct multiple levels of energy—working to achieve a productive flow of employees within the organization, facilitating a smooth exchange with suppliers, and attracting customers for optimal and sustainable success.

House & Property Clearing

Houses and property are affected by the events that occur within. Adverse events will continue to radiate disruptive energy until properly cleared. Clients that live or work in such an environment can be seriously affected. Energy in motion tends to stay in motion and energy moving in a life-draining manner will continue to have a negative impact until it is redirected into a life-sustaining flow. This is what energy therapy accomplishes. There are a number of common situations that indicate the need for a building, house or property clearing.

Repeated Conflict: Residual negative energy can incite and feed conflict in the home or workplace. This experience can feel perplexing and it can be easy to attribute the struggle to other causes. When the source is residual energy it will be noticeably consistent in the location and not resolved by other means. Clearing the building and/or property allows positive energy to flow in and create a more harmonious environment.

Business or Relationship Failure: The energy within a space can directly impact the outcome of a business venture or a personal relationship. Severely affected locations will perpetuate a series of failed businesses or marriages. The energy simply flows through the “channel” established by previous events on the property, like water rushing through a “channel” in the ground. Until the pathway is redirected into a positive flow, the negative cycle will repeat, overriding even the best of intentions. Energy therapy redirects the flow of energy for success.

Illness: When people residing or working in the same place become ill, it is often an indication of residual negative energy. Regular exposure to toxins in the environment drains an individual’s life force and affects their health. Some toxins have a physical origin while others reside on the subtler levels of energy. Energy therapy will transform the space to a healthy environment that supports individuals’ immune systems and resistance to illness.

New Location Clearings: Businesses and homeowners about to relocate will ask Rebecca to clear the building and property first. Even the best locations contain the energy patterns of previous inhabitants. Energy therapy clears the old patterns and establishes a personally unique energy flow that draws on the positive potential of the location and unites this with the potential and intentions of the new inhabitants. This ensures that they move into a positive environment that is conducive to harmony and success.

24-Hour Attunement

An intensive, 24-hour attunement session balances every layer of energy that impacts an individual’s life, from the molecular, genetic levels to the global trends that create the individual’s environment. One by one, Rebecca moves slowly through each level, attuning it with the others to achieve a complete energetic realignment that will transform the individual’s life experience. Going forward, this session directly impacts how the client’s life continues to unfold for years to come. Clients interested in participating in a 24-hour attunement session, or who would like to organize a group 24-hour attunement session, are encouraged to contact Rebecca directly at 978-388-3161 for more information.