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Rebecca Menard Weiss

Rebecca Menard Weiss, Founder

"I feel that each individual's path in life is unique and even though we all form our lives from the same creative forces, each spark of life emerges into a distinctive shape. This is why I find working with people to be infinitely fascinating and exciting."
— Rebecca Menard Weiss

Rebecca Menard Weiss is a well-respected energy therapist who, since 1998, has successfully treated clients all over the world. Her background includes training in psychology, business, shamanic journeying, tai chi, guided self healing and various transformational practices. Her clients have ranged in age from in utero to their nineties.

Rebecca's most noted credential is the design and execution of an exhaustive, ten-year research initiative that led to the development of six unique energy models that she uses in her energy therapy work. These models attune the individual, business, or property to universal energetic principles.

Clients do not need to understand universal principles to benefit from this life-changing work. They only need to have the willingness to be present and maintain openness.