Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions

Individuals use energy therapy for relief from illness or trauma and to achieve greater life balance.

Couples Work

Couples develop a closer, mutually supportive relationship and learn how to resolve conflicts without sacrificing individual priorities.

Family Sessions

Energy therapy helps to attune family harmony and resolve issues that may cause long-term family strife and instability.

Business Success

Businesses and professionals overcome challenges, make significant decisions, and realize their true potential with energy therapy.

Home & Property Clearing

Energy therapy clears residual negative energy from previous inhabitants and events at the premises.

24-Hour Attunement

An intensive, 24-hour attunement session engages every level of energy and generates substantial, whole-life change.

What is energy therapy?

All forms of life emanate energy. Focusing and guiding this with energy therapy allows us to successfully affect positive change, restore balance, and create wonderful new life expressions. For the individual, energy therapy is often used as a holistic complement to traditional healthcare or as a less invasive alternative. Properly directed, energy can provide us the ability to actualize the life we desire in relationships, business, and home.

A partial list of the imbalances commonly treated with energy therapy can be seen here.
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